How Can I Determine the Severity of Car Issues?

If your vehicle is exhibiting some signs that it might need repairs soon, it can be very tempting to simply ignore it. After all, car problems mean loss of time and an expensive repair bill. The good thing about it is that most of your car’s weird sounds aren’t going to really mean anything is necessarily wrong with it. However, this does not mean you should go on ignoring everything. Here are some of the ways you can determine the severity of your car issues.


As with anything you deal with in life, safety must always be your number one priority. Therefore, when the issue is a direct threat to your safety, it is incredibly important to either fix it (if the issue is small) or get it to your preferred mechanic as soon as possible. A common issue is bad brakes. You might be thinking that your brakes aren’t too bad. Sure, you have to press a little harder to come to a full stop, but so what? The reality is that brakes are incredibly important not only your safety, but for pedestrians as well. Having faulty brakes, airbags and seatbelts is a sure sign that you need to repair your car immediately.


Every car suffers from aging, resulting in substantial defects. There’s no point in having a car if it’s not even functioning. One of the most common issues regarding the usability of a car is its engine. You might have heard your engine racing, chugging or even shaking throughout your drive. Now, this does not mean you have to go replacing the whole engine, but you might need to go in for a tune-up. Only a professional mechanic can determine the severity of your engine problems.


Your car might look like a million bucks, but if it’s surrounded by a cloud of black smoke every time you stop, it can mean some serious issues are going on underneath. This often happens in the mornings, when you are starting your car for the first time. It is more often linked to the fuel enrichment system within your vehicle, which could also mean that it’s blocking your vents. This is certainly not an issue that you should ignore as it can increasingly become worse over time.

Determining the severity of car troubles can be a little difficult for the untrained eye. Therefore, it is incredibly important to record any issues regarding your car, and speak with professionals about what they can mean. Adhere to the list above to begin to understand what to look for in your own vehicle.

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