Here Are the Most Common Car Damages Caused by Collisions

Anyone who’s suffered a car crash will tell you that even the tiniest of hits can cause major damage. Cars are built to protect passengers in case of an accident, which sometimes means they take more exterior damage to prevent harm to those who are inside. However, there are areas of a car more prone to damage than others.

Bumper Damage

Although both front and back bumpers can be damaged in a collision, front bumpers seem to take the most hits. As a result, according to Impact Auto Body, a third of all vehicular damage is to the front bumper. You can damage your bumper by hitting another car, a tree, an animal or even just a high hill or snowbank. If your bumper is damaged, it will either be repaired or replaced. Repairs will be made depending on the type and severity of the damage. Scratches can be buffed out or painted over, while dents have to put pulled or hammered out.

Dented Doors

Door denting is another common type of vehicle damage. If someone hits you in the side, it’s a safe bet your door will suffer some damage. According to the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, while the extent of the damage typically varies based on speed, the sheer size of commercial trucks makes them capable of doing the most damage to a car and the people inside. However, small cars can do some real damage, as well. The extent of the damage to your door will be the main factor in deciding on repairs. If you are hit by commercial trucks and your car isn’t totaled, the doors often have to be replaced entirely. If hit by a smaller vehicle, the dents can sometimes be pulled or hammered out, and the doors are sanded down and repainted.

Broken Headlights

Just about any type of collision to the front half of the car will result in a broken headlight. The good news is headlights are relatively inexpensive, which means they’re almost always replaced rather than repaired. Oftentimes, the place where you purchase your headlight will install them for you for free, or as Car and Driver says, you can do it yourself.

Damaged Windshield

Like dented doors, the severity of the damage to your windshield will determine whether it’ll be replaced or repaired. Shattered windshields or windshields that have a crack all the way across will likely need to be replaced entirely. Smaller dings, spider web cracks, and other minuscule damages can be fixed by glass repair professionals. Many companies even offer the option of coming to your place of business and fixing your windshield while you work!

Wheel Damage

Because there is a tire on every corner of your vehicle, no matter where you’re hit, a tire is usually hit, as well, and they often sustain damage. A bad collision can knock wheels off their axes, rupture tires, or dent or can cause irreparable damage to your wheel wells. Wheels also take damage from everyday wear and tear. When damaged, if they can’t be patched or realigned, they’re replaced.

If your car has suffered any of the damages mentioned above, you aren’t alone. Car accidents happen every day and almost all result in some type of damage. Just do your research and see what kind of repair and replacement options are available to you.

If your car needs fixes on the inside rather than the outside as the result of a crash or any other circumstance, contact me and I’ll bring the car repair services to you!